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You've worked long hours, days, months...maybe even years on your music! You've put your all into it and you're ready to record it...at least you think. 

You had your family listen to your music and of course they said, "Sounds amazing!". Maybe you've played it for your fans at shows and for your friends...all good vibes. But when it comes to recording your music, you HAVE to make sure it truly is spectacular. When you play it live, you can afford a mistake or two, but not in recording...well, there is such a thing as a good mistake though.

Anyways, I want you to show me how amazing your music is. I want to be blown away. If I'm blown away...then I'll work with you to make sure your music doesn't go to waste. 

Need to record? No problem.

Already have it recorded, but need it mixed? My pleasure

Do you need someone to be by your side, listen to your music wholeheartedly, take notes, listen to your ideas and vision, help make minor tweaks to the arrangement if necessary, go to rehearsals, find the perfect musicians, book studios, manage studio engineers, contribute to a vibe that is oozing with love and creativity, assist you and other musicians to achieve the best performance...basically to make sure your music gets in the right hands, at the right time, and in the right place...Well then, I've been waiting for you! Let me serve you and your music! You've already worked hard enough, spread the love ;)

Send me your music and hope that I'm blown away by it so that I can offer you my services. If I'm not blown away, then I'll wait. 

Give it a shot!


Much love,

Daniel Badí Rinaldi


Click play on the "Reel of most recent work" to hear some of my top examples as a producer, mixing engineer, and/or mastering engineer.



"I've worked with Daniel on multiple projects and he always delivers great results. His music production is stellar. More than that, Daniel is a terrific collaborator - easy going, strong communication skills, and works diligently no matter the assignment."

-Jack Gordon (DDC International)


"I had a good opportunity to work with Daniel twice! He produced two CDs of the Media for Transformation Project. Working with him was a really nice experience. His professionalism, happiness, responsibility and dedication to the production have been extraordinary. This music project has reached all Latin America thanks to the support of Daniel."

-Katty Skoggin (Media for Transformation Project)


"Daniel is the music producer of my first album 7 Valleys. I really enjoyed working with him, he's very professional and easy to connect with. He really understood the sound I wanted to project as an artist and took my ideas to a higher level."

-Paloma Marin (Instrumental classical piano)


"I had the pleasure of working with Daniel on drum meditation tracks. I had a limited sound editing knowledge, and basic recording equipment, so I relied on Daniel to clean up my tracks and bring out the resonance of the drum and my voice. The tracks turned out beautifully! I was truly impressed. Daniel was also a great guy to work with! I'm eager to work with him soon."

-Richael Faithful (Multimedia Creator)



$500 - $750 / song

This includes accompanying you through all the stages of pre-production, production, and post-production.

Does not include the cost of recording studios, musicians, editing, mixing, mastering, and more.


$150 / song

Does not include editing, drum replacements, or vocal tuning. 


1 FREE back massage / project

This offer is only available for in-person projects. Maybe one day I can offer a virtual reality back massage.

*Currency in US dollars

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