How to tap into your true musical creativity without needing 10,000 hours of experience!

Hey there,

I'll try to be brief. I'm putting together an online course for musicians and music pros on how to tap into our true creativity. It's still in development and would love your input so that I can make sure I tailor it to your needs. Can you please share with me your most pressing question(s) on how you can tap into your true creativity as a musician or music pro? Another way to look at it is — what are your biggest challenges or limitations to tapping into creativity? You can share anything even if you think it's silly or not so relevant. Please type in the questions/challenges below and click REGISTER.

As a "thank you" I would love to invite you to take the first workshop for free since it will later be part of an online course sold for $115. The workshop will be happening on March 6th (Wednesday) at 11am EST on a Facebook Event to which I'll send you a direct invitation.

If you can’t attend that particular day, that’s okay—still fill out the form so I can let you know about the next one.

Much love, Daniel Rinaldi

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