How to get faithful clients

One big question I have for myself and for other music professionals is “How do you ensure you can get a client to keep coming back?”

Most likely you’ve experienced this. You work with a client for the first time—artist, production company, label, etc.—and all went well, but for some reason after 6 months, 1 year, or more…they’re not calling back. Why? 

I have my own thoughts on this, which I’ll be revealing in a free e-book I’m preparing, but I would first like to share with you what other music professionals responded to this question in a private Facebook group. I will blur out the people's names to maintain their privacy. I got 44 comments to-date on this question, but I’ll only reveal a few that are most relevant. 

These few comments summarize what most of the 44 comments said: Build relationships!!!

This is such a key element. Look out for the free e-book I’ll be sharing that expands on this topic and gives you a practical guide on how to do this.

Continuing on the topic of building relationships, Benjamin said it so beautifully:

But now, look at this comment that got a lot of flak: 

As a music professional you do NOT want to enter a competitive bloody ocean where price becomes the number one factor that ultimately can destroy the industry’s economy. If you find a way to create a “blue ocean” strategy where you are offering true VALUE to a specific audience, then price becomes less important. I will expand on this topic of blue ocean strategy in my free e-book coming out soon.

And now let’s finish it off with this awesome post from Marcus that gives us some really practical guides I highly recommend as well:

Alright now, go back and work on getting and maintaining those clients of yours!! Remember…BUILD RELATIONSHIPS!!!