Let's get human!

If you’re like me, you're probably constantly searching for microphone techniques—whether modern or making your drums sound like 1950s Ringo Starr. Or you’re subscribed to several recording magazines, blogs, YouTube channels, etc. A month doesn’t pass without you receiving an email about a new plugin or gear you’re drooling over…constantly re-imagining how your studio could be 10 times better with THAT ONE PIECE OF GEAR!

Well…I want to share with you that I won’t be writing about microphones, plugins, DAWs, gear, or acoustics…at least I’ll try not to ;) I want to treat you to something I think is missing or at least there’s a lack of in our industry. Let’s talk about the more human and business aspects of music production: the relationships between studios and clients, analyzing studio business models, how producers interact with artists, the pain points of small and large studios, how producers or other industry professionals spend their days at work or off-work—family, hobbies, side businesses, beliefs, etc. And MUCH MUCH MORE!

Why? Because I know it's these things that will truly make you a better producer, studio owner, engineer, or any other music industry professional. These are the elements that make you stick out from a dense crowd of technically-savvy engineers and producers who have no clue how to interact with people. 

Many engineers and producers start off thinking that they can just get a laptop, an audio interface, some headphones, and call themselves a “business.” Maybe so, and that’s kind of how I started 10 years ago, but there’s a lot we need to learn other than how to place a microphone or how to EQ a kick drum. Don’t take me wrong, there’s wisdom behind the 10,000 hours we should put in, but meanwhile…who is teaching us to be entrepreneurial, business-savvy, financially stable, service-oriented, or how to deal with difficult clients? This virtual space serves the purpose of filling in the gaps, whether you have a humble home studio or a multi-million-dollar facility serving Grammy-award-winning artists. 

So let’s get started!!

If you have any questions or subjects you would like to address, please let me know!