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You've spent lots of money on gear, you've worked with great musicians and CLIENTS, you've put 10,000 hours of work...but your studio still isn't flooding with clients!

You'll like this story: 
I was visiting one of the top studios in the country of Colombia where they had recorded artists like Carlos Vives, Choquibtown, Justin Bieber, Jorge Celedón, and many more. I was talking to the studio manager and he told me that he was so frustrated that he would have months with barely any clients coming through the door. There was a time when he could predict the best months of the year, but all the other months were still booked. Fast forward to now, he literally sits at his desk waiting and hoping to get a call or email from an artist looking to book the studio. How is it possible for such a highly-rated studio to not be flooded with activity every day?

Does this story resonate with you?

Even if you don't work with high-end clients, you have high quality work so you feel the frustration of... 

"Why can't I get more clients...with budgets?!"

Obviously you could be really busy if you were offering your services or products for free...I don't propose you do that though.

Well, it's simple...you need to have better communication with your existing and potential clients. You don't need the biggest console with the most knobs, the latest plugin, the best acoustic treatment, mood lighting, or the comfiest couch...just better communication (assuming you're pretty good at your craft). 

Let me give you one simple example. How many times after you worked with an artist and you were done with your end of the deal, did you send them an email, called them, or texted them asking "Hey, I just wanted to check in and see how you were feeling about your music and the work we did together. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

A question as simple as that will get that client coming back and will immediately think, "Wow, he's really cool. I'll definitely work with him again."

Or how about writing to potential clients and warmly inviting them to try your services with an awesome first-client discount or some bonuses. 

There are many strategies, and I will help you with these. Even though I have tons of tools I could just share with you, I'd rather learn about you first and customize the tools for you and your business.

Each studio and professional in the music industry is different and wants to hold on to little nuanced personalities or culture...and I completely welcome that. I don't want to change the way you work or the values that make your work great in the first place, but I want to make sure to change the way clients perceive your work and make sure they value it for what it truly is.

I work with studios and music professionals to help them create and maintain strong channels of communication that result in a steady flow of clients. 

Let me serve you and your business!

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